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Life tastes better with
Queue Café


Where it all started?

Sheikh Majid Al Qassimi discovered the taste of coffee during his studies at the University of Tennessee, Chattanooga in 2011. Due to the long hours of studying and the obligation of being focused, he was convinced to start his healthy addiction of a good coffee flavor to keep him awake for the exams and left his preference for tea behind the coffee taste.

After tasting the great flavors of different coffees and what this beverage has to offer, his interest start growing and was willing to learn and get educated about its origins, ways of making, benefits, recipes and endless coffee subjects.

Further his graduation from the University and working as an Engineer, Sheikh Majid found a new healthy addiction to his daily routine which influenced him to continue his MBA in Food & beverages and open his first business evolving his love for coffee.

May 2017 witnessed the opening of the first project in his hometown Ras Al Khaimah ( Mina Al Arab ) and decided to call it "Queue" which represents "Q" for Al Qassimi Royal Family and also resembles the porta-filter of the coffee machine and as his expectation of guests queuing for his coffee were elevated.